Purpose, Objectives and Principles

Recognizing the need for an organization which could sponsor an annual seminar for continuing education for piano technicians in the state of Texas and desiring that such an organization be formed, representatives of various chapters of the Piano Technicians Guild met on July 12,1977, during the annual national Piano Technicians Guild Convention held In Dallas, Texas, to explore the possibility of establishing a Texas State Association of Piano Technicians Guild members. On October 15,1977, the first Texas State Association Seminar was held in Wichita Falls, Texas, at which meeting, organization of the Texas State Association was ratified by the majority of Texas Piano Technicians Guild chapters. The articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State of the state of Texas, and were approved on December 27, 1984.

The primary purpose of TSA shall be to provide the management capabilities to organize and conduct an annual seminar for continuing education which shall contribute to the improvement of the technical and tuning abilities of piano technicians, attract new members to the Piano Technicians Guild, provide possibilities to start new chapters and help existing chapters to become more active, and produce publicity for the Piano Technicians Guild.

The objectives of TSA shall be to promote the highest possible standards for piano service, and to effectively promote and improve the piano tuning and servicing industry. TSA shall be democratic in its government and all its functions, promote the interests of the piano technician, promote music and especially the use of the piano. The operation and function of TSA shall not be inconsistent with the bylaws, regulations, codes and principals of the Piano Technicians Guild, Inc., hereinafter referred to as PTG. On October 12, 2007, TSA changed its name to SCRC, South Central Regional Association.

SCRC Membership

Any PTG member in good standing who is also a paid registrant at the SCRC seminar or has registered as a non-attending member and has paid the specified fee, or is a current member of the SCRC board, is a member of SCRC from October 1 of the current year’s seminar through September 30 of the ensuing year.