Here are reviews from past seminar attendees.

South Central Regional Conference 2010 Review by Duane McGuire:

As I mentioned to you at WESTPAC, this was the best conference I've attended. You asked me to tell you why in detail, so here it is. I hope it helps you with WESTPAC 2 ... even though by necessity, the venue is much different.

So far, I've attended four conferences:

The SCRC conference was a winner for the following reasons:

Overall, I guess it was the best ever for me because it was just plain comfortable. As an out of towner -- I came knowing no one -- and the convention organizers made me feel like an honored guest. It wasn't an act. Everything was just arranged for comfortable interaction.

Since I spent the time to write this, I thought it best to forward on to SCRC folks. Thanks again guys for a great time.

Duane McGuire